Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So much to do, nowhere to start

You know those frustrating dreams you sometimes have when you are trying to get somewhere but never seem to be able to get there? There is always one more thing in the way and it seems there is no way you'll make it. That's what my real-life is starting to feel like.

I posted this large list on the wall a couple of months ago. I was hoping that if everyone else in the house saw it regularly they might get a glimpse of what it takes to make this trip possible and would groan a little less when I ask for help.

I was wrong. Really wrong. 

So I've decided what's done is enough and the rest will have to wait. But that list is mostly crossed off! I think I could do it all if I didn't have to be a mother in the meantime. The poor kids! I just can't postpone things like getting an international driver's license, getting credit cards set up for international purchases, immunizations, finding a place to live, and packing. Packing.

I'm starting to panic. I'd rather put everything away that I won't be taking and live simple starting now. I'd just feel more prepared. But then it may make the next few weeks harder and more stressful, especially on my toddler who is going to be stressed and confused about what is happening. And how do I explain all of this to him?

And what to pack? I'm trying to decide what things can be purchased there and what things are worth taking over. We only have two pieces of luggage per person and a carry-on item each. Do I take my boots? Should I take Henry's favorite books? How do I decide which Zumba clothes to take! And I need new jeans. I should buy them here but THAT is a time-consuming project! I'd rather paint my cabinets (which are half-done, YAY!).

Renting our home is more of a headache than I anticipated. It is a financial decision because it will help us survive better in the more costly economy of Australia. It is a practical decision because we need someone here watching over things and averting disasters. It is also an emotional decision because this is my HOME. I need to trust the person living in my space for the next year watching over my yard and plants. I basically want them to be just like me. I get phone calls and texts every day about it. Weeding out who to actually show the house to is a sizable task alone. Then getting the kids to clean up hurriedly is a hassle. I keep thinking every time is the last time. This has not been easy.

I'm just ready to start throwing things in boxes and living on LOTS less.

Next post, we'll share what each of us is going to miss most. We'll also share what we WON'T miss. Maybe it will be a video. 

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