Friday, July 10, 2015

What we'll miss most

Now I'm starting to panic. A few details to manage and lots and lots of packing to do!

I had to change the address on all my bills so my final utilities and account statements would go to my sister-in-law, who will be managing things while we're gone. Because phone calls between here and there will be expensive, I am going to have her handle any matters of business, which means I have to authorize her on all those accounts. That took some time.

I still have some items on the house to do list. And the list is being added to. Not good.

I'm trying to pack things but I find I have three categories of things to deal with: 1) things I don't need and can put in storage right now, 2) things I will be taking with me and need to separate from the things to put in storage, and 3) things I am not taking but may need between now and then to make life easier--and I need life to be easier! I feel so confused in every room.

So packing is not so straight forward. I also don't really know where I stand as far as the volume and weight of things I'm hoping to bring. I think I'm really going to have to pack it all in suitcases, then turn around and put the rest in a box, then take it all out of suitcases again so I am not digging through suitcases for the next three weeks. Is there an easier way?

I made a huge calendar that will get very detailed. I am going to think backwards through the process and start planning the order of operations a bit. No more procrastinating the to do list. I can't do it all on the last day.

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