Monday, October 19, 2015

Royal Geelong Show

Royal Geelong Show! October 17, 2015

Geelong is a city about 45 minutes south of us, and a "Show" turned out to be the equivalent of a State or County Fair. It was NOT what my kids wanted to go see. Ha ha! But I made them. I've gotten quite used to their eye-rolling, limp-bodied enthusiasm. I go where I want because they don't offer better ideas. 


It had a strong agricultural presentation with livestock, sheep-shearing, a barnyard full of small animals that were super cute, craft booths and food merchants, and a large display of home crafted items that were judged and awarded ribbons. They also had a competition for homegrown vegetables, fruit, and flower arranging. There were several categories dedicated to succulents! 

Basically it was redneck or country boy or "bogan" as they would term it here. 
These chickens were really funny looking but cute!

They had an antique tractor that made Henry's day!

And Monster Trucks!

Excitedly waiting for the Antique Tractor Parade to start. The seagulls were ready for PB&J bits the kids were throwing.

What was really great about this "Show" was that it was still small-scale enough to enjoy. There weren't loads of people crowding everywhere. We could actually see the various items they had on display and got some good places to sit to enjoy the entertainment. They had all the entertainment in a central area so we didn't have to move places to see them. AND each item lasted about 15 minutes, running one right after the other, so we got to see a lot of things in the 2 hours we were there.
They had an aeronatics show by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), a Tractor Parade, MotoCross stunts, and Monster Trucks!  They had a fairway with games and carnival rides, but we didn't go there. We weren't interested in staying that long.

Some Motocross Stunts:

Awesome clip of the monster trucks! Don't miss this one.

There was also an art exhibit in a building featuring local artists. I was tempted to buy one of them of a downtown Melbourne cafe scene. It was $400, so I found it within me to resist that temptation. Homemade quilts, jams, art, crochet, photography, and other locally made things were on display in three large buildings. 

I bought a german pretzel because it was only $4 and I was hungry. I shared it with everyone because it wasn't that good! I bought some "mini dutch pancakes" at a food truck because they were the closest thing I could find to Art City Donuts. They cost $8. They were flat like pancakes and they were small like 2". But they came with a dollop of Nutella and a few strawberries and bananas. They were gone in a flash! Art City Donuts is a great deal with 18 mini hot donuts topped with all sorts of delicious flavors! 

It was a fun afternoon. But the kids were not interested in more. "Can we go yet?"

What they get from all my crazy planning -- loaded with cool stories to share with their JEALOUS friends in the U.S.

What I get -- exhausted from my constant efforts to bring them together in spite of their complete disapproval. We can't do the beach EVERY WEEKEND. But we do it a lot more than we did in Utah!

Don't worry, kids. Soon you will be back in the States doing chores all day on Saturday and once again wishing there was SOMETHING TO DO.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it more than the kids!

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