Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Words

We're picking up some new vocabulary.

Here's a quick run-down for the first few days.

AMERICAN      :        AUSSIE
elevator                        lift
cart                               trolley
stroller                         pram
Minivan                       people mover
Truck                           ute
diapers                         nappies
huggies pull-ups          nappy pants (I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this)
drinking fountain         water machine (actually, this was odd, it was my first time at church and someone else asked where it was. I didn't get a chance to tell them I didn't know my way around either and certainly had never heard of a water machine. They found it quickly on their own.)

And when there is a lot of something there are "heaps" of them.

But my favorite new word was this. All over the airport, instead of telling you where the exits are, they just have large signs that say this:

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