Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Cottage

When we first arrived we weren't able to move into our house yet because some other people were still living in it. I know. Rude. But until then, we stayed in the most adorable cottage. It wasn't cheap, but it was one of the few places big enough for all of us and it had a kitchen which saved us money so we didn't have to eat all of our meals out.

Here's a quick video I was able to upload while at the grocery store snagging some wifi:

I'm unable to embed the video at the moment so I'll just have to share the link.

It is run by a very kind couple who brought us fresh lemons and grapefruit from their own trees right on the property. She also helped me locate a few resources in town and taught me a little about the train system here. Very nice people. I loved her immediately because her name is Mim. I just HAD to get a picture with Mam.

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