Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ward Christmas party and Torquay Beach

Ward Christmas BBQ was HOT by 8am. Fanning ourselves with the plates.

Current and future missionaries

Sulusi is one of the coolest guys in the ward--in the bishopric, choir director, and always serving in his spare time. He's a very good DJ and he has a kid named Orem. For real. 

Water games

And then we headed to the beach. In DECEMBER!

This kid was born for the beach.

Trying out the boogies boards we got them for Christmas. We decided to give them early since the weather was cooperative. 

Millie and her best friend Abby. We love hanging out with the Holmes Family. 
They moved here just before we did and have kids the same ages as we do. Except their 2 year old is their GRANDKID. Ha ha. Ha... heh. 

Don't be frightened.

Henry saw a small kick board among our stuff after the big kids had headed off with the boogie boards. He said, "Is this mine?" I said, "Yes, Merry Christmas." He took off running for the water yelling, "Merry Christmas!" He threw it down just barely on some wet sand and jumped on it, fully expecting the board to send him skimming across the water. It took some practice and some mouthfuls of water, but he loved it!

The aftermath. Why do we bring a blanket? Thank goodness for the baby powder.

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