Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

There was a dance held at church to celebrate New Year's Eve. I was in charge of helping get it decorated and planned.

Suffice it to say that by the time I was done with that obligation I was not in a mood to also stay at said dance for 5 hours, and then clean it up. And none of the kids except Leo were interested in going into the city to see the fireworks.


Allen took the girls to the dance for a little while with the promise they didn't have to stay the whole time (they were just there for the food).

Leo and I ended up taking a train to Williamstown to watch the Melbourne Fireworks. We watched from across the bay at the end of a long pier where there are lots of sailboats and yachts. It was still quite a distance but we could hear that the sound must be deafening if you were right under them. They shoot them from the tops of the buildings. Each explosion is the same on each building and they go off EXACTLY in unison. It was pretty cool. 

Okay, we did not take these pictures. I googled them. But it gives you a much better understanding of what it was like. 

These are the pictures I took. I couldn't get a good one without a bald man's head in it.

Just me and Leo, and about 800 other people who joined us on the pier after we arrived. 

I heard the dance went well. Yay. 

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