Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday is a special day--at the Fitzroy Gardens and Altona Beach

Allen went in to work on Saturday to make up for lost days while he was in Uluru. We decided to meet at the Fitzroy Gardens afterward to see Cook's Cottage and walk around the park a bit.

I walked past the Parliament building along the way. 

James Cook was an impressive voyager who mapped New Zealand and much of Australia. His home in England was purchased and moved to Melbourne, brick by brick, as part of their 100 years commemoration.

We also got to walk around the gardens. It is full of very tall trees. I was incredibly impressed at the level of art and care in these gardens that are just free for the public. They are huge, creatively designed, and well-kept. And they had a Conservatory that was beautiful inside. It had huge hanging baskets of fuscia.

These New Guinea Impatiens are closer to home and looking very vibrant!

This one renegade lime-green succulent amongst all the others was interesting. It was attached to the same stalk as the other darker colors. Must be a mutant. It was a very pretty contrast. 

This tree was sculpted by Ola Cohn, author of The Fairies Tree, book for children. She references in her book that she also carved a tree for The Fairies, and she did! It's been there for about 70 years? 80?

You knew I'd have a tree picture in here.

We didn't do anything. 

We decided to get off the train in Altona and try out another fish 'n' chips shop. What the heck! We have loads of babysitters at home. Yolo!

Loads of wind surfers in the evening at Altona. It looks like it would be really fun, and a great workout. 

Amazing roots of a rubber tree.

This old Cadillac has the steering wheel on the left. 

I thought Hicks didn't wear shoes.

Heading home on the train after a long afternoon exploring. I'm hugging the backpack that has a hot load of "chips" we are taking back to the kids. It had gotten cold again so I embraced the heat.

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