Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dr. Suess must have visited Australia

I am COMPLETELY smitten by the trees here. They have so much character. They just look so interesting. They are smooth and tall and majestic. They are twisted and oddly shaped. I will miss seeing their silhouettes in front of the sunset.

My family knows that everything must stop if I see a picture worthy tree. Which is most every day. I often turn the car around to catch a tree. I'm never going to see them again. I have an entire photo album dedicated to the trees. I want to be able to flip through it whenever I miss them.

I have seen every tree from Dr. Suess's books here. I think he must have visited Australia and taken inspiration for his books. And I have spent 30 minutes googling this connection and can't believe I'm the first person to notice this.

Check out these examples.


Looks like broccoli.

Check out how crazy this branch is growing. This is in my front yard.

This crooked trunk looks fantasmical in a Dr. Suess book, but here it's for real. 

These trees frequently have these multiple layers of canopy. 

Yes, this is a real tree. Not plastic.

These puffy balls are real blossoms on this tree. 

And the resulting seeds are even more whimsical. 

A red trunk on a green tree. 

You will like them, you will see, you will like them in a tree!

And Horton would totally sit on an egg in this tree.

And this isn't really a tree, but Dr. Seuss would love it.
It's this crazy, shaggy, spreading, bumpy, hairy ground cover. 

And this always makes me giggle.

It's soft and shaggy and looks like you could train it to go get your paper in the morning. 

Bonus Agave plant. 

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