Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Australian butter baking hack

Karly loves to bake. And as you know, most recipes call for butter in increments of 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup. In America, butter is sold in "sticks" which all equal 1/2 cup. It makes getting your ingredients correct easy. But in Australia, butter here is sold by the gram. One cup of butter equals 227 grams.

Here's the problem:

Cutting this is half gives us 250 grams. Which is a good 2 tablespoons more than we need. Which is enough to completely ruin a recipe. So for awhile we just used slightly less than half to get one cup. It wasn't super accurate. And then we had slightly more than one cup left, and we started shaving random pieces off to get the amounts we needed. It was frustrating to Karly not knowing how much of the block had been used, and what the remaining fragments were equal to. And no, we didn't invest in a kitchen scale while we are here. 

Karly said it was enough to make her not want to bake anymore. Which is where I should have left it because her baking is killing my waistline.

But, I love my daughter, so... enter my brilliant solution:

I cut the butter in thirds each direction. That gives us 9 1/4 cup sized portions. We can know exactly what he have when we open the package. Need a 1/2 cup? just two chunks. No guessing. Problems solved. 

Australian baking hack.

UPDATE: So a friend alerted me that "cup" and "tablespoon" have different values in Australian recipes. For example: Australian tablespoon is 20 ml, UK is 15 ml, and American is 16 ml.
Way to confuse things! See this site for details. You have to know where your recipe originates from so you know how to measure your ingredients. Most of mine come from the USA so the above butter hack is required for me. But WHHHYYYYYY did this confusion happen? Can't we all just get along?

Oddly, I brought one favorite measuring cup from the US with me. And I've bought some others here in Australia. They measure the same. So...I guess we're managing okay! But when it comes to cookies, you can't mess around. Cadbury chocolate cannot be wasted on less than ideal cookie dough!

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