Thursday, July 14, 2016

All-Together Playground donations

Millie is raising funds for the All-Together Playground being built in Orem, Utah. It's an amazing playground where children of all needs can play together with their family and friends. I especially love that it gives their tired care-givers and much needed dose of sunshine and time outside of the house. The city has really been great to move forward with this! A $20 donation will get your name on a fence picket for the playground. Please help her meet her goal. She wants to "sell" 35 pickets.

(Using the button above is to make it easy for you, but we found out that PayPal charges us 88 cents every time. We thought it was free for donations but we were wrong! Mom is happy to pay the 88 cents as part of her support for this project, but if it's all the same to you and you want ALL of your money going to the playground and not PayPal, just send $20 to Choose "Send money to friends and family" and then be sure to specify what name you want on the picket, maximum 23 characters.)

These are our friends, Mindy Gleason, and her daughters, Presley and Charlotte (and Dad inside). Presley's family has been instrumental in making this playground become reality. We LOVE THEM and want to help!

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