Thursday, July 28, 2016

What we're looking forward to

Okay people. That's a given. Family. Neighbors. Friends. (But not my brother. He decided to move while we were here and I'm still not over it. The reality hasn't sunk in since I haven't been there to miss him at Sunday dinner.)

I look forward to getting to the gym and going to Zumba and seeing my family. And I am looking forward to a good long run in the sun. I had that here, too, but right now it's winter and I am craving some heat on my skin.

I can't wait to have a homegrown tomato. I really want to see my succulents in my window well and check out my garden. And I'm very nervous and anxious about getting my kids in to see the dentist.

And having Costco just one block away. I'm gonna get a Blend-tec twisty jar and I've got some recipes to make in it!

Henry is WAY happy to get back to Utah. He wants snow. I remembered the daily helicopter flights overhead about a week ago and I really got excited for when we get to hear that again and run outside to see it. (I'm excited for him to have his own room again. Sharing a room with him this year has been hard on my sleep level.)

Karly is excited about some restaurants. Taco Bell. Chipotle. Cafe Rio. 

Leo is excited to drive again. And I'm pretty sure Allen is looking forward to a 10 minute commute instead of a 90 minute train and bus ride.

But we are all filled with a nervous apprehension.
We remember life in Utah, but it seems like a distant previous life. We are having a hard time wrapping our heads around just stepping back into it all. It's hard to picture ourselves actually BEING in our house and actually DOING all that stuff we used to do. It's like a dream.

On my phone I have a count-down app that shows me how many days left until we get home. It has a picture of my kitchen in the background. I admit I look at it and it kind of shocks me every time. That's *my kitchen*? I'm going to be there in just seven days?

The kids are a little anxious about stepping back into previous friendships. They still remember their friends and have stayed in touch and are excited to see them. But they recognize that they've changed over this year and wonder how that change in perspective and experience will affect their relationships. They see the world differently. They value different things. Their focus on what's important and what is shallow is more defined.

I think that we recognize that although we are returning to the same house and same friends, WE are not the same, and it WILL have an affect on all the stuff that is the same. We aren't sure yet exactly how that will play out and will take some adjustment. But it will all be good. We have loved our time here in Australia. All of us recognize the good it has been for us individually as well as a family. We hope to keep all the best lessons and bring them back to our life in Utah.

Be patient as we figure it out.

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