Monday, July 25, 2016

What we'll miss

Last year at this time we shared things we will miss about the U.S. Now we're reflecting on what we'll miss about Australia.

Karly said she was going to miss the
close-knit community at church. Because I grew up in a similar situation where our church members are very much in the minority, I knew this was going to be the case here. We really band together, bond quickly, look out for one another, and look forward to time we can spend together. I'm glad she got to experience that and loves it, too.

Leo loves the diversity of cultures here. He has friends from all over the world. We also regularly encounter people from many cultures and backgrounds. It's really beautiful to see them all getting along and treating one another so normally. He also really likes the public transportation. He knows the inner city trains and trams very well and loves to spend free time exploring down town. I love that he can get himself there and I don't have to drive him.

Millie loves the fish and chips. And she's made some very good friends here she's going to have a hard time saying goodbye to.

I'm going to miss the trees. The trees. Oh, how I'm going to miss the trees. I'm going to miss watching the kids have a wonderful time on the beach. I'm going to miss Sunday brunches with the kids (we have church at 1:45 so we decided to make brunch an EVENT!). I'm going to miss the super convenient town center where I can park once and do all my errands by walking around. Grocery shopping, produce market, post office, copy center, clothing shops, library, and restaurants. There is even an auto shop so you can get all that stuff done while your car is fixed!

I'm going to miss being in charge of my day. For real, no one ever comes to my door. I don't often get phone calls that throw a wrench in my plans. We aren't doing music lessons or sports. I have my mother and life responsibilities, but for the most part, I decide when and what I do in a day. Is that something I can maintain?

And you know what else I'll miss? The completely stress free interaction with others. No one cares about your clean house, your yard, your income level, or your accomplishments. You're just who you are. And NO ONE--EVER--mentions "you're so skinny," to me. EVER. And the only time anyone mentions a desire to lose weight is if they are motivated by a health issue.

On a more surface level, I'm going to miss roasted pumpkin. It's cheap, available year-round, and I probably eat an entire pumpkin each week.

I'm going to miss not having tax added to the posted price. And we'll miss that awesome exchange rate we've been enjoying that makes every purchase 30% off!

I'm also going to miss Dominos Pizza. The pizza is $5AU (about $3.50US) and is SO much less greasy and gross than the US version. I can order it online and pay online and it's always ready when I walk in. I just say my name and I'm outta there in less than 15 seconds. And Henry can eat half a pizza all by himself!

Most all of us are going to miss the trains and the great public transport. But Allen is NOT really going to miss the trains. He's spent a lot of time on them. He is going to miss trivia time with his colleagues at lunch, and flights to Japan on Fridays (sushi runs). He also loves the natural beauty of Australia.

Henry loves the playgrounds, the indoor play center, hot chips (fries), beaches, trains and trams. He is ready for Utah, but I think he doesn't realize what things are going to drop out of his life.

It will be interesting to see how all of us settle into another "new normal."

I'm going to miss being a "Cookie!" That's what residents of Point Cook are called. Isn't that awesome!

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